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Legal information

The contents of this website and the information provided is selected carefully and updated on a regular basis. Nevertheless errors and incomplete facts may occur. Therefore OCS shall give no warranty or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided on this website. Furthermore, OCS reserves the right to accomplish changes or supplementations without prior notice.


OCS shall neither be responsible for the contents of any websites referred to on OCS website and linked with it.


OCS liability for any damages – regardless of the legal cause – is excluded.

This shall not apply in the following cases:

  • in case of intention,
  • in case of gross negligence of organs or executives,
  • in case of culpable violation of the person/health/life,
  • in case OCS has fraudulently concealed a defect
  • as far as OCS gave an extra guarantee for a specific consistency of the delivered item, as well as
  • in case of damages to the delivered item, as far as for these damages the liability for personal injuries or damages to privately used property is obligatory according to the Product Liability Act.
  • In case of culpable violation of essential contractual duties, OCS liability shall also include gross negligence of non-executives, and slight negligence. OCS liability in cases of slight negligence shall be limited to typical contractual losses which could have reasonably been foreseen. Any further claims shall be excluded.

Data protection

When connecting to the Website, OCS will from time to time automatically save certain information, which can not be assigned to specific persons (e.g. the used Internet-Browser, the system software, the Domain, the number of visitors, the length of the visit, the accessed pages).

This information will be used by OCS to determine the attractiveness of the Website and to constantly improve the contents of the Website.

Personal Data (e.g. name, address, telephone number or E-Mail-Address) will only be saved by OCS if it was submitted in connection with a registration, inquiry, and survey or similar.

Personal Data will exclusively be saved and processed by OCS for your individual support, the sending of product information or the placing of service offers and only be passed on to companies of the OCS-Group. OCS ensures that any information will be handled confidentially in accordance with the regulations of data protection.


According to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act, which entered into force on July 25, 2003, anyone visiting a web site with cookies will be informed that the site contains cookies, what these cookies are used for and how cookies can be avoided.

A cookie is a small text file that is transferred from a web page to the user’s computer in the Internet context. This text file cannot contain any virus or other malware that may be harmful to the computer.

OCS uses its own cookies and third party cookies to enhance the user experience and navigation of the website.


The contents of this Website is copyrighted and OCS is exclusively entitled to all rights resulting thereof. Without OCS prior written consent commercial duplication or any other commercial use of the presented contents and information, especially of graphics and pictures is prohibited.